Thursday, August 6, 2009

I fix Alex Constantine's Wikipedia biography

I take responsibility for the edit of Alex Constantine's wikipedia biography. That biography already contained pro-Constantine errors. It called him an investigative journalist and said that his topics was on Fascism [or was it investigative journalism; either or it's not accurate]. I made it more accurate. I said that it said that he's a fringe conspiracy theorist and that the subjects was name calling. It is name calling. Alex called me plenty of names. He calls me a Fascist and claimed that I'm Nazified. He called me a "poor, young, innocent, willfully ignorant, nazified puddle-stain of fascist puke". Does that sound like an investigative journalist to you? No. It's a name caller and a fringe conspiracy theorist.
I added the criticism section in order to help bring the truth on wikipedia about Alex Constantine. The criticism section is needed, so Alex's wikipedia entry isn't pro-Constantine. I am responsible for bring the truth about Alex Constantine to wikipedia.
I also added in the list of investigative journalist an accurate note about Alex Constantine, since it lists him as an investigative journalist. I turned subjects into specialities in Alex Constantine's wikipedia bio.

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Apocalypto said...

Alex Constantine attacked me in a similar fashion on my blog a couple of years ago. He really slings the adjectives around. He spews hate and venom toward anyone with whom he disagrees with like a fire hose spews water. I haven't really researched him because, from the little I have seen, he doesn't present any rational information; just insults. He apparenlty borders on the psychotic. Most of his books are self-published, and I can only assume the reason for that is his audience is so miniscule that no mainline publisher is whatsoever interested in his hate-filled rhetoric. Good job on the Wiki thing.