Thursday, October 1, 2009

Did Alex Constantine call me a Jewish Nazi collaborator

While surfing the web, I came by a website that displayed a small excerpt from his post that called me a Nazi Jewish collaborator. I clicked on the link. The blog Alex Constantine's blacklist went to a page that said that it didn't exist. I looked for the post in order to respond to another defamatory accusation against me. Here's the excert:
I'm not on this Quisling's list of favorite people, I guess ... A Jewish guy kissing Nazi butt? Go figure ...
Am I Jewish? Yes. I never collaborated with the Nazis [I wasn't even born when Hitler was in power]. I never said a kind word about the Nazis. I consider Hitler to be a genocidal mass murderer. He killed 6 million Jews in concentration camps and sought to kill every Jew. I never "kiss Nazi butt". To say the least, I hate the Nazis. Also, I'm a supporter of the State of Israel. Alex Constantine just calls me all the names in the book.

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