Monday, August 3, 2009

Pallywood Video Promoted by Fringe Conspiracy Theorist

By Benyamin Solomon, Newsflavor
March 9, 2009
I’ve already discredited Alex Constantine and his libelous accusations against me. Alex accuses his opponents [me included] of being fascists and of being “programmed by the CIA-’mockingbird’ media.” Alex calls his opponents Fascists and CIA agents [there is nothing wrong with being a CIA agent, but I'm not one]. now I will refute Alex for promoting the Al Jazeera propaganda video.

Alex Constantine claims that:
In the 12 days of Israel’s war on Gaza, the shelling of a United Nations school
on Tuesday has been the most shocking incident. More than 40 people were killed. Israel claims the school was a legitimate target because rockets were fired from it.

But the UN has vehemently denied those claims.
Al Jazeera is the only international news channel with correspondents on both sides of the border. Ayman Mohyeldin visited what’s left of the school, and the families now in mourning. …

Alex claims that Israel claims that the school was a legitimate target because rockets were launched from it. Mortars really were launched from the school, as shown here and here.Yet Al Jazeera manipulates the suffering of Gazans to condemn Israel. Neither Al Jazeera nor the so-called investigative journalist [Alex Constantine is no investigative journalist, but just a leftist conspiracy theorist] show the evidence of Hamas using the UN school to fire the mortars, even though a video came out that showed that they did [as the source of the hyperlink from the first here].
Alex Constantine’s political career is to slander his opponents as being fascists, Nazis, pedophiles, or any other name. Alex falsely accused me of giving “aid and confort to Bin Laden.” Yet that sounds ridiculous to anyone who reads my condemnations of radical Islam.

That video was a Pallywood propaganda video by Al Jazeera and promoted by the fringe conspiracy theorist Alex Constantine.

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