Monday, August 25, 2008

I oppose fascism

I just like to make clear to "Alex" and his supporters including "Alex's" useful idiots out there that this is not a fascist blog. I oppose fascism. However, I also oppose ''Alex Constantine'' just calling his opponents fascist.
''Alex'' "specializes" in fascism. Yet he doesn't know who the real fascists are. He denies the threat from Islamo-fascism.
Fascism is when you have absolute control based on race, religion or nationality, which makes the radical Islamists, Nazis and arab nationalists fascist. Fascism are not people who "Alex" calls fascist. A lot of them actually oppose fascism.
I oppose fascism. This blog is here to refute "Alex" and his supporters including his useful idiots.

"Alex Constantine" has a band named after him

Alex Constantine calls his opponents fascist and CIA agents without any evidence. I was one of his opponents who he called fascist and a Nazi. I'm here to refute this fuckin bullshit that claims that he's an "investigative journalist."
"Alex" is no investigative journalist. He's simply a kook and anybody who makes "prophet Yahweh," who claims to be able to summon UFOs seem more knowledgeable. Boycott the Constantine band and give them the real facts about the man they named their band after.